EKG / Electrocardiogram

How long will it take? 10 minutes

What will happen?

An EKG records the electrical signals in the heart. It’s a common and painless test used to quickly detect heart problems and monitor the heart’s health.

  1. You will partially undress.
  2. Ten electrodes will be applied across your legs, arms and chest. The electrodes are sticky patches with wires that connect to a monitor. They record the electrical signals that make the heart beat. A computer records the information and displays it as waves on a monitor or on paper.

How do I prepare?

Please wear loose fitting clothing. If you wear a bra, please consider wearing one without an underwire, though this is not required.

Will I be told my results?

Your coordinator will read the output, or waveform, from the EKG immediately.

All EKGs will be reviewed formally by study cardiologist.

If your results are normal, your results can be shared with you upon request (by mail). You will not be called.

Your coordinator is trained to identify possible abnormal results. They will communicate with the clinical team on site for certain reads before letting you leave.

If abnormal results are found and need to be addressed acutely (before leaving BCC) this will happen before you leave your appointment by a member of the RECOVER clinical team. Otherwise a research nurse will contact you within 10 days or sooner if immediate action is needed. The results and a Cardiology review will also be sent to your doctor on file, unless you specially requested the study team not to.