Help us understand why some people recover differently from COVID-19

The RECOVER Observational Adult Cohort Study is a large group of volunteers who answer survey questions and have checkups and tests. Researchers use the data to learn how COVID affects people over time. Observational studies do not give participants a medicine or treatment for COVID or change their regular health care. Participants keep living their lives as usual and share their health information with researchers.

By continuing to participate in the RECOVER study you will…

Be accommodated

1. VIP access to tests that may take months to schedule.

2. Free tests that typically aren’t covered by insurance or offered to healthy individuals that could lead to early detection of diseases and illnesses.

3. Paid for your time.

4. Receive free parking and transportation to and from your study appointment (within 15 miles of the clinics).

5. Enjoy snacks and beverages during your visits.

6. Access to personalized community and healthcare resources. We can help you find a primary care doctor and specialists.


Receive clear understandable communications

7. Access to personal health information.

8. Learn about the general research process.

Join a community

10. Validate your experiences and concerns in a safe medical space. We believe you!

11. Comfort of being part of a community of people who also struggle with similar symptoms.

12. Contribute to a landmark study whose findings may improve your life and the lives of others in your community, especially if you represent our black, Spanish-speaking, LGBTQ+ communities who are underrepresented in research but are most impacted by COVID.

13. Possibly be invited to clinical trials if you qualify. In addition to RECOVER specific clinical trials, the RECOVER study is connected to the Breathe Chicago Center© where you can find other studies.

14. Support or honor yourself and other affected by COVID and Long-COVID.

15. Share your Long-COVID experience.

16. Reconnect with your coordinators. We love you too and can’t wait to catch up.

RECOVER volunteers will continue to complete in-person medical examples and complete questionnaires.

YEAR 1 (Completed)


Attend up to 4 in-person* medical exams (check-ups)

  • Most participants will only complete these basic exams that include the collection of specimens (like blood and urine) to help us understand your body at the beginning of the study.
  • Later visits will monitor how your body and feelings change over time.
  • Depending on you medical results, and if you get infected/reinfected with COVID, you may be asked to complete additional in-person medical exams. A member of the clinical team will discuss details if needed. 


Answer up to 5 health-related questionnaires



Attend only 1 in-person* medical exam each year
Learn more about additional tests.



Answer up to 4 surveys by phone or online each year



Mile Square Health Center
1220 South Wood Street
3rd floor, Breathe Chicago Center
Chicago, Illinois 60608


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OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
530 NE Glen Oak Avenue
Zone 1, Research Clinic, Suite 1116
Peoria, Illinois 61637

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Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
120 NE Glen Oak Avenue
Research Administration Office, Suite 302
Peoria, Illinois 61603


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Earn up to $800

You will be compensated for your time and effort.


We appreciate your consideration.