NIH Toolkit

How long will it take? 45 minutes

What will happen?

NIH Toolkit is a screening tool for cognitive function. You will complete a series of recognition tests of pictures, sounds, attention, and pattern. The test measures memory, pattern recognition, and motor skills through a series of short tests administered on an iPad.

The test may be done with a trained RECOVER coordinator or a member of the UIH psychology team.

How do I prepare?

You must be able to read English or Spanish.

We recommend eating a nutritious meal prior to coming in for the test.

Will I be told my results?

Results are NOT provided in any form at this time because it may lead you to think you have cognitive impairments, mood disorders, etc. The Neuropsychology team does not interpret the NIH toolbox scores or provide you with the scores for your tests.

If you are concerned about your cognitive ability or believe you have a mental health condition, the Neuropsychology team will speak with you during your visit. They may provide you with next steps for further testing, and explain options outside of RECOVER in the UIH Psychiatry clinic.